T.Mobile range

T.Mobile - The Skid Transitube range

The range of mobile systems is designed to SKID format.

Consisting of a hopperand a transfer system and, if necessary, a dosing systemIt is designed for manual handling and / or by cart.

Its dimensions are variable, they integrate the doorwaythe the width of the circulation corridors...
Its gantry,
retractable and foldableallows it to be to store between uses.

T24 for mobile transfer of easy flowing powder

The T24 mobile system consists of a hopper and a flexible mechanical elevator.

  • Cylindrical-conical shape

  • Air capacity : 150 to 300L in standard version. Higher capacity on request

  • Instantaneous flow rate: up to 3m3/h

  • Bolted safety grate, mesh size 40 x 40. Other dimensions on request.

  • DRT drive, basic function + timer

Unlike the T24, the conveying is done by a rigid core screw with soft bristles.

If the T23 loses in flexibility, it meets strong requirements ofmaterial integrity.

For installations that combine elevation and distribution, the T23 offers configurations with relay stations, where vertical and horizontal screws form an efficient conveyor network.

It is able to transport powders, aggregates, plugs...


It is, with the T24, the most used of our Skids. While the T24 is designed for "easy to transport" powders, the T21 is for materials more complicated; vaulting, clogging, caking...

It incorporates the T11 DVP range of grinders, well known to users of heavy duty powders.

All our mobile systems are refined according to the customer's needs.

The constraints of size, process, type of powder... rarely offer a standard answer.

According to your industrial requirements, our Design Office develops mobile systems with variable flow rates, different elevation, dosing function...

On the picture, a system that is travelling around the world and that has the vocation to be integrated in the production lines of different factories, with the capacity to adapt to a great variety of processes.

Optional T-mobile accessories

Electrical box

Glove box

Visibility window

Autonomous suction system

Chassis on wheels

Retractable gantry

Safety chain

Drain drawer