Dosing and mixing

Smooth and adjustable flow rates

Micro-dosing from 0,05 gr

Powders, aggregates and granules

Different ways of dosing

Volumetric dosing

For each product, the metering screw, equipped with an internal flow control tube, ensures a constant flow rate

This ensures a controllable flow rate (continuous or batch) from thecontrol cabinet

The dosed products can then be taken back and homogenised in a flexible mechanical Transitube feeder which will automatically deliver to its destination.

Weight determination
Weight determination
  • Weighing: control of the weight of the dosing device in order to inject product as soon as necessary
  • Weighing: check the weight of the downstream container to dose as soon as necessary
  • Continuous dosing: obtaining a constant flow rate by regulating the speed of the dosing unit according to the weight loss observed

If the quantity of product to be mixed is very small or needs to be measured very precisely for the production of the finished product, it will be necessary to use a micro-dosing solution.


The dosed products can then be taken over by a flexible mechanical Transitube feeder, which mixes and homogenises the mixture and automatically feeds the machine hopper.

But the main virtue of a Transitube is that it does not itch.

This allows materials of different densities to be transferred while maintaining the ratios injected upstream.