Installation and commissioning Transitube

Quality approach

Conformity of parts

Engine mountings

Transfer of technicality


Project manager present

Manufacturing and pre-assembly in our workshop

Each system is pre-assembled in our workshop to check the quality and conformity of the parts and the correct functioning of the Transitube industrial transfer system.

As part of our certification ATEXAs part of our ATEX certification process, we have to check that our systems are designed to ensure electrical continuity.

Installation and commissioning Transitube

Mounting and supports

Your dedicated project manager, together with his technician, will define the appropriate supports and then ensure that the equipment is installed correctly.

During assembly operations, they have the ability to modify the support elements to accommodate slight changes in layout.

Commissioning and
transfer of skills

At Transitube, a Transitube technician is always present for assembly, loading and industrial commissioning.

This is where the transfer of knowledge and technical skills takes place so that your maintenance team, armed with a good understanding, adopts the right reflexes.

  • Mechanical compliance check
  • Checking the electrical compliance of the installation (wiring and electrical continuity)
  • Parameterisation and control of the installation (direction of rotation of the coils, motor speeds and intensities, flow rates, etc.)
  • Carrying out production tests, in real conditions, to fine-tune the settings