De-burring and lump removal

Transfer of poorly flowing products

Precise continuous dosing

Flow rate:
up to 6000kg/h


30 T / min


Features of the devotion

The use of poorly flowing products often leads to problems with silo extraction, dosing accuracy and feeding during material transfer.

For the transfer of difficult flowing products, TRANSITUBE S.A. has developed a complementary system to the flexible mechanical feeder.

This equipment allows the automatic removal,extraction and dosing of materials that are difficult to transport.

The Transitube flexible mechanical feeder is combined with and complemented by its de-bridging function. The product thus arrives in the transfer spiral and is then transported according to the chosen process.

This unit can be combined with other dosing units in a multi-product process.

The ginner

Several families of devotees have been developed to facilitate the transfer of the most difficult materials.

In some cases, very sticky powders create lumps.
The more powerful versions of Transitube incorporate a lump breaker - a system for breaking up friable lumps before transfer.