Barrier effect

Continuous coating



The Bi-Turbine

The Bi-Turbine has been developed for powdering and dusting functions. 

It responds to processes by dosing or by saturation of ingredients.

Born in the service of the Food Industry, it has proven itself for talcum powdering or filming processes in the chemical or plastic industry.

Its soft bristle brushes are highly appreciated for maintaining the integrity of the material.

3. Recycling

4. Control of the dosage

1. Powdering

5. Refill hopper

2. Screening


The Bi-Turbine responds to processes by dosing or by saturation of the ingredients.

The entire Bi-Turbine range offers a closed loop surplus recycling system.

A true complete unit, it can be integrated with many peripherals:

  • Screening
  • Vacuum transfer recycling
  • Mechanical dosing or by vibrating conveyor
  • Dust collection unit
  • Reloading hoppers
  • Thermoregulation...

Examples of processes


  • Coating of additives on fertilisers
  • Anti-caking on resins
  • Talcation of plastic extrusions
  • Seedcoating


  • Powdering of cocoapowder on chocolate truffles
  • Decorating sugar on fried doughnuts
  • Coating of herbs on croutons or snacks
  • Anti-caking on grated cheese or cossettes