Powder transfer

Regularity of flows

Respect for material integrity

Flow rate:
up to 20m3 /h

Restart on load

Dosage +/- 100 grams

ATEX equipment
(zone 0/20)

The Transitube

The Transitube consists of a large helical spring, called a "spiral", rotating in a tube made of polyamide, 100% biosourced and/or anti-abrasive, stainless steel, antistatic.
The spiral, made of a special steel - offering a balance between elasticity and strength - rotates at speeds of up to 1500 rpm.

Specially designed for the transfer of powdered or granular products, its design and operation protect the product being transported from demixing and external contamination, while respecting the integrity of your material.

Each Transitube piece of equipment is tailor-made because it is defined according to the different criteria that make up your process.

It is designed and calibrated according to your powders and their behaviour.

  • Can be adapted to all grain sizes, castabilities, densities, etc.
  • Responds to different environments: wet, pressurised, pressurised...
  • Carries cold, hot, sticky, flaky, friable / abrasiveproducts...
Specially designed for the transfer of powders and aggregates, the Transitube respects the integrity of the material
Simple transfers

The T14 system allows "easy flow" powders to be conveyed over long distances on the ground and up to 20 metres in height before relaying.

The T14s are flexible and thus bypass existing obstacles, allowing them to be installed in tight and/or crowded spaces.

Fluctuating flow products

The T12 range: a distributor, positioned under a hopper, under a silo... ensures the good flow of your product and the continuous loading of the Transitube.

When theplant environment imposes a staggered installation and/or when the material presents a delicate behaviour, the T12 series, composed of a T14 + dispenser / dosing unit, is the solution.

Poor flow products

The recovery of your products stored in hoppers, silos, big-bags, etc. is often disrupted by the appearance of vaults, chimneys or blocks of products caught in a mass.

Variation or interruption of product flow can lead to line stoppages, dosing inaccuracies, and costly maintenance interventions.

The T11 series is particularly suitable for transferring difficult products.
A slowly rotating deburring, crushing or defrostingsystem on the bottom of the hopper ensures the correct loading of the product with flow rates of up to 20m3/h.

... at the heart of a complete solution

The Transitube can be easily implemented in any industrial configuration thanks to its flexibility and its ability to bypass the obstacles represented by existing equipment.

Around the Transitube, we build complete lines, made up of equipment ensuring the functions of weighing, emptying/loading, crushing, storage, sieving, mixing, bagging, etc.

  • Closed and sealed systems
  • Manufacturing and materials chosen to suit your industry
  • Respect for the integrity of the product
  • Smooth flow and load starts
Powder transfer Transitube implementation
At the beginning of the production line

Transitube has developed several solutions to ensure watertight recovery from big-bag emptying stations.

Its flexible screws ensure automated emptying and a controlled flow.

Depending on your constraints and your process, we create hoppers of various shapes and volumes, from a few litres to severalm3.

We also offer additional equipment such as dust extraction hoods with their own extraction system or connectable to your own...

A Transitube system ensures a controlled flow rate and no unmixing.

Waterproof, it allows you to empty your powder or aggregate mixers:

  • automatically
  • at the chosen rate
  • with respect to proportions 

Thanks to the Transitube system, the emptying and transfer of your materials are assured, in recovery under silos.

Your silos, combined with a Transitube system, will become storage units and the flexible screw will automatically collect your powders or aggregates at the desired flow rate tofeed your production lines.

The T-mobile range, consisting of a Transitube hopper and transfer system, is designed to be delivered in SKID format.

It can accommodate a stripping/grinding system.

Most "T-mobiles" have built-in folding parts to limit their storage space.

mobile testing station
  • Extractor
  • Granulator
  • Shredder
  • Mill
  • Micronizer
  • Screen
  • Enrober
  • Spray tower
  • Stones
  • Sorter
  • Dryer
  • Weighing
  • Tanker truck
  • Filter
  • Tank
  • Scaler
At the end of the production line

Our flexible feeding systems allow a wide variety of powders to be conveyed to fill all big-bag sizes.

Mobile solutions are also available.


Transitube offers all types of receiving hoppers .

Often provided in a "buffer" role buffer' rolethey incorporate a weighing system. weighing system with an accuracy in tens of grams.
Transitube's T54 and T51 ranges meet the need for material dosing.

The Transitube system allows youtofeed your mixerswith both powders and aggregates.

One of its main properties is that it does not unmix.

In some configurations, it can also act as a mixer.

The Transitube system makes it possible to reach heights, while ensuringwhile guaranteeing a high high flow rate.

It is resistant to bad weather conditions, waterproof and waterproof.

It is suitable for multi-transfer processes in complicated layout configurations.

Enables finished products to be packaged or pre-doses to be prepared.

Thesealing is ensured by the expanding seal on the bagging head.

Packages from 5 to 30 kgs, up to 60 bags per hour.


  • Mixer
  • Granulator
  • Roaster
  • Sorter
  • Cleaner
  • Stones
  • Enrober
  • Sprinkler
  • Dryer
  • Mould
  • Micronizer
  • Metering device
  • Packaging machine
  • Bagging machine
  • Electrolysis cell
  • Mill
  • Reactor
  • Extruder
  • Press
  • Tipper
  • Tanker truck
  • Tank
  • Bags
  • Burner / oven