Industry standards

Transitube takes to heart the respect of industrial standards: ATEX certifications, EU directives, food standards...


Low voltage 2014/35/EU

Sets the safety requirements for electrical cables manufactured to European harmonised standards with a rated voltage of between 50V and 1000V AC and between 75V and 1500V DC.

Electromagnetic compatibility 2014/30/EU

The EMC Directive applies to any electrical or electronic equipment (apparatus or fixed installation) that is liable to disturb the electromagnetic environment or to be disturbed by it.

Weighing instrument 2014/31/EU

Specifies the metrological and technical requirements for non-automatic weighing instruments. It is intended to provide standardised requirements and test procedures for evaluating their metrological and technical characteristics in a uniform manner while ensuring their traceability.


ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

Essential for equipment installed in explosive atmospheres.

Standard NF EN ISO 80079-36

Non-electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres - Methodology and requirements

Standard NF EN ISO 80079-37

Non-electrical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres - Non-electrical protection mode by constructional safety "c", by control of ignition source "b", by immersion in liquid "k".


Certification of quality control and safety of food and non-food products.

Safety and hygiene certification.

All thehe equipment suppliers are concerned.

This method assesses the control of food safety based on the NF V01-006 standard.


UK standard for food suppliers. This certification attests to the control of the safety and quality of food products.

Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 sets out the general requirements for all materials and articles in contact with food.

EU 10/2011: Our flexible tubes (TEPA) made of polyamide comply with the requirements for plastic objects in contact with foodstuffs.